E-Vouchers Case Study





People have been playing golf at St Andrews Links in the town of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland since the 15th century. It has one of the oldest courses in the world and more than 230,000 rounds a year are played over seven public courses. Prior to October 2013 St Andrews Links had a longstanding paper gift voucher system and, with this system there was a need to record vouchers as they were sold and redeemed, which was a very time consuming exercise and open to human error. St Andrews Links knew that by introducing an electronic system whereby e-vouchers & gift cards could be sold and redeemed from a number of their locations or, via their website, would save them time and money and naturally, increase sales. In October 2013 St Andrews Links launched the BlueRunner Solutions E-Voucher & Gift Card Platform at all of their 17 outlets, as well as on their website.


additional transactions


increase in registered users

The other benefits have included

reporting icon Real time reporting allowing immediate access to valuable insight. This allows the St Andrews Links team to easily and efficiently track all e-voucher & gift card transactions and reconcile these to their point of sale system. Similarly, backup to the e-voucher & gift card balance can be run at the touch of a button, saving a lot of time during accounts preparation

thumb icon Flexibility for customers who can purchase either a physical card to be posted or a e-voucher that can be emailed on to the eventual recipient with a personalised greetings message. E-vouchers & gift cards can also be used to pay for online products and services as well as in outlets

basket icon The ability for customers to purchase individual items online, for example lessons at the Golf Academy – which was an additional development post launch

web icon The integration with the St Andrews Links website and point of sale systems and where a POS integration is not available, the ability to process transactions via the standalone module or app, which has saved time and created efficiencies in the process

cards icon The card creation feature used by the mail order department, which has helped to make the fulfilment process more efficient and streamlined

The launch of the E-Voucher & Gift Card platform has been a great success for St Andrews Links and has been a welcome introduction to the operation, saving money and driving incremental sales.



Sales have increased by 400% compared to the paper vouchers previously in use and our annual income is now comfortably in to six-figures and continues to grow each year. The team at BlueRunner have been excellent to work with. They are always willing to listen to our requirements and are fantastic at finding a solution. They are also fantastic at driving and developing the E-Voucher & Gift Card Platform, to not only promote sales, but also to enhance the customer experience at St Andrews Links.
The way we use the product continues to develop over time and BlueRunner has always been responsive to this. The support from the team has also been great.


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