Established over 14 years ago as a market leader in delivering innovative solutions to improve your business. Our UK based development team specialise in solutions tailored to you

Our mangement team



Leading the BlueRunner team to develop and deploy unique and feature rich digital products for clients worldwide. The ethos is simple and has Chris’ passion at its heart — through technology, we create platforms that enhance the customer experience and drive business efficiencies for every one of BlueRunner’s clients.



Responsible for the product roadmap and product innovations, Tom ensures that BlueRunner Solutions are market-leading and cutting edge. Utilizing advanced systems technology Tom enables each of these modules and applications to be brought to market successfully.

Elizabeth Ambrose

Head of Support

Responsible for product and customer support. Elizabeth ensures our customers get the best attention and results by working closely with our wider team.

She brings years of experience in support by ensuring delivery of quality technical support to clients and is passionate about optimising product design and useability to accommodate a pleasant and successful customer experience.

Max Davidson

Head of Key Accounts

Working closely with customers to build meaningful relationships, managing implementations and developing systems. Max and his team work hard to implement solutions that are tailored to customer needs.Max brings his enthusiasm and experience to work directly with customers, ensuring successful uptake of systems implemented and continued aftercare support.  Passionate about offering a personal service and dynamic solutions.

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