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We have engaged with the East Kent Hospitals trust to provide a digital click and collect and delivery solution, removing touchpoints and wait times for staff on the wards and within the hospital.

With COVID-19 being the key driver of behaviours within hospitals in the last 12 months, physical congregation around catering outlets and mutual touchpoints have obviously become a focus for improvement in hygiene and physical space. Tills, counters and shared touch-screens are out; digital click and collect and delivery on a personal device is in.

East Kent hospitals trust wanted to understand how our product could provide them a quick and easy ordering and payment option for click and collect. Specific drivers for them include:

  • Removing congregation and shared touchpoints through click and collect style offer.
  • Giving the catering staff an easy-to-use platform to manage orders.
  • Quick and simple ordering for time-poor hospital staff.
  • Ability to digitalise menu offering.
  • Offering delivery service to designated points around the hospital.

Insight: Statistics

Click and collect has been a growth market within the UK prior to COVID, with 22% of all takeaway orders being collected by click + collect in 2019, up from 18% in 2018

Statista survey, 2020

Consumers have indicated they are prepared to wait up to 40 minutes for a COVID safe food delivery, demonstrating a change in customers patience


79% of consumers surveyed have said they have downloaded an app or visited a mobile site since March 2020 to order food

Allegra Strategies, 2020

How will our platform help East Kent stay COVID safe:

The goal for East Kent was finding a platform that would solve the issues outlined above. We demonstrated our digital solution, involving pre-order and delivery destinations as a feature. We showed them how our platform would alleviate the problems staff faced in ordering food and coffee in a safe and simple manner. As a result, they have created an environment using our solution that can:

  • Enable food and coffee ordering as a standard across hospitals.
  • Operate a delivery service hosted through BlueRunner’s platform.
  • Encourage staff to use our platform to place their orders through our click and delivery.

With our hospitals being the front-line of the fight against COVID, making sure our NHS staff are fed and nourished while they carry out their essential and courageous work is of vital importance. Our product has helped them achieve this in a safe and secure manner.


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