School Meal Ordering

School Meal Ordering

A mobile-optimised school meal ordering platform that allows parents and carers to order and pay for their children’s school meals simply and easily, driving engagement and uptake of school meals for schools.

Increase operational efficiencies

Manage your debts and cashflow effectively

Offer an easy and secure platform for meal ordering

Efficient and cost-effective meal management system

  • Alert your customer with their order update via push notifications, SMS or email
  • Upsell products to drive increased spend
  • Manage your different menus and pricing for various locations
  • Available as a web based platform or App
  • Configure all your products and items via back of house module

West Sussex County Council

The increased compliance from schools and the accuracy and speed of the data that we capture around school meal orders across the Local Authority has made a great difference in the accuracy of meal production and has seen an improvement in wastage. The accuracy of meal number reporting through the system has had positive impact on Local Authority funding.

West Sussex County Council

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